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Subject:  Hunzi's baby steps Date:  1/28/2013  7:51 PM
Author:  TMFHunzi Number:  36126 of 37694

Baby steps:

Over Christmas - Made the box carriers (DH & DS) bring up ALL the boxes full of Christmas stuff. Went through the boxes - probably junked 3 of them and consolidated. Used Christmas Stuff. Put Christmas Stuff AWAY BY early Jan!!! - Made DH clear me a corner of the storage zone just for Christmas stuff. I now have 15 medium sized + 5* large sized bins. Yeah, it sounds like a lot, but I have lots of tins and odd sized things, and it was better to put them in a bin that stacks nicely with lots of extra air space than have random items. Bonus - most of them are light enough to easily handle. Next Christmas we'll repeat the process and see what else I'm willing to let go.

*I have space for the 5th bin, but the outside Christmas stuff is still out there. Next warmer day maybe the garland and balls & stuff will come down - but I rather like the Christmas lights glowing all through the darker portion of the season - once we get to DST again, they'll be in the bin.

I have one other random bin of stuff to drop off at Goodwill, and I may see what else I can find in my office to donate tonight. I need to declutter the office asap. I have a couple of bins of stuff in there that I sort of want to keep but have no room. The newly consolidated Christmas bins freed up some space on the storage shelves, so I may just give them a quick look through - see if there's anything I think is valuable/really need - and then store them - if they're still untouched next Jan - off they go.

Also realized that about 50% of the "Stuff DH has complained about in the basement "AKA YOUR JUNK" is really DD's or DS's. Will segregate them so it's more obvious. DS will probably move out again this summer (or start paying rent), so that will get rid of about 25%. DD will have to sort her stuff out, but she has 3 or 4 years of college yet to go, but maybe I can shift some of her stuff to the back ledges of the basement- deep storage zone (also where I keep the tax records).

My focus is to free up some room this week to relocate a whole closet full of suitcases which is about to become the new powder room (why did homes get rid of trunk rooms? I sure need one with all the huge hardside suitcases the Chinese Daughters use!).

Always ;-)
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