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Subject:  Re: Handicap question Date:  1/29/2013  2:55 PM
Author:  JAFO31 Number:  8897 of 9120

shuksan77: <<<That should have been a 17 on my team, not a 1...sorry!!

I do not know why he divides by 8>>>

From my prior post: - Handicap each team as follows: 20% of the A-player's handicap, plus 15% of the B, 10% of the C and 5% of the D. Add the results, round off the total to a whole number and that is the team's handicap.

14(20%) + 15(15%) + 16(10%) + 17(5%) = 2.8 + 2.25 + 1.6 + .85 = 7.5 = 8

2(20%) + 10(15%) + 10(10%) + 26(5%) = .4 + 1.5 + 1.0 + 1.3 = 4.2 = 4

Calculate each player's course handicap, which gives players a different number of strokes to compensate for greater or lesser difficulty of a course. To calculate your course handicap, multiply your handicap index by the course's USGA slope rating, divide by 113--the rating for a course of average difficulty--and round the answer to the closest whole number.

For four-person teams, the suggestions are 20 percent of player A's handicap, 15 percent of player B's handicap, 10 percent of player C's handicap and 5 percent of player D's handicap.

See also: for same "method"

Not sure why your pro picked 8, other than it makes for easy math. Some of the links I provided suggestd dividing by 5, 7 or 10 (but not 8), but without any real explanation.

Your 8 looks to be on, but the pros team should have been more like a 4 than a 6. And if the slope rating was greater than 113, the spread might have been even greater than 4 strokes. Not sure that it would have made much difference.

Regards, JAFO
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