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Subject:  Re: Need tax consequences advice please Date:  1/30/2013  2:30 AM
Author:  csm1rr Number:  117594 of 124585

Gee, looks like my tax questions gave more questions instead of answers. Thank you to everyone who has been replying.

Re: the service mark and the PAT weblinks. I have not seen any such service mark on anything from my parents' lawyers office on any of their documents, nor mine. Also, interesting to note that when I went to their lawyer's website, there is NO mention about Personal Asset Trusts on there at all. Their website does mention about estate planning and estate administration.

Quoting from Bill's post:
(My parents had a Living Trust. After my mother's death, the estate was split, creating a Survivor's Trust and a Decedent's Trust.) 

"OK. Up to this point that sounds like very conventional estate planning."

After my father's death, the estate was divided into two PATs. I have a Personal Asset Trust and so does my brother. <snip>  

"I also am not familiar with the term "Personal Asset Trust." I don't know if that's something peculiar to your state's laws or whether it's a brand name of the brokerage it's invested with."

The term is not from any brokerage firm, and since y'all never heard the Personal Asset Trust term, maybe it is terminology from the state of Texas since I live in it.
Bill does have it correct about my parents' Living Trust, very co