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Subject:  Re: Gun Control?--How's the War on Drugs Coming? Date:  1/30/2013  3:35 PM
Author:  telegraph Number:  669263 of 876383

"Josh was being facetious. You'll soon meet telegraph, otherwise known as tele. He's a retired electrical engineer and a prolific poster. Tele has two topics that when he gets rolling, he's not to be reasoned with: peak oil and religion. Otherwise, he's fine to converse with. "


Peak oil production is real. We're not 'running out of oil'. We're running out of cheap oil. One of the reasons the economy is staggering is the high price of oil. (and all those trillions flowing to the Arabs and Venezuela0.....

Godthingies are made up. You can make them up in lots of flavors. Mix and match. Angels, cherubs, helper beings, demons, ghosts, things that go thump in the night, volcano gods, sea gods, you name it. Someone has made it up.

In case you haven't kept up, here's an update on super natural beings. If your six or eight can exist (well, who knows how many angels there are, and how many cherubs?).....and we got regular angels and arch-angels, right? It must be hard to kept track of all of them.

Keep 'real' from 'made up' and you've got it down fine.

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