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Subject:  Re: On second thought, 2828 - Small Cap Issue Date:  1/30/2013  6:26 PM
Author:  Art53 Number:  669365 of 876348

"Art"In my fantasy land this Universe is a holographic projection, not quite real, and after we cross over we will look back on this life about the same way we view a Netflix DVD. No one really died. They are all in some big Cast party in the sky having a grand old time."
I like Art's version better.<g>" - tiscotto


That is sort of the way it is described by a lot of near death experiencers and also what a lot of hospice people report or relate they saw or see. Also forests, mountains, lakes, rivers, clear ocean, trees, birds, grass, flowers, fruits, birds, butterflies, etc. have all been reported in NDE and DBV (death bed vision) accounts.

Two days after my father in law (RD) died my SIL said she had a "strange" dream. In her dream she was in the hospital looking at her father in the hospital bed and he was still alive. She exclaimed "Daddy, you're still alive! We need to tell the nurse!" At that moment she she turned her head to the door of the room and she saw her father and another man she didn't recognize walking through the door into a bright light. Someone had come to guide or walk with RD to the other side.

Now my sister in law does not buy into my NDE stories. She is married to a Church of Christ preacher who preaches in Dallas, Texas yet two days after RD passed away she had a dream that sounded very much like what many near death experiencers describe. I have heard that exact same "door" metaphor numerous times before.

A couple of months ago my MIL told my wife that she had a dream about RD where she could hear him in the next room singing but she couldn't see him. This is also a common theme. We can't see them but if we listen closely enough, like in our dreams, we can hear him. Perhaps RD was telling MIL that he was close by and he is waiting on her. He isn't very far away.

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