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Subject:  Re: Gun Control?--How's the War on Drugs Coming? Date:  1/31/2013  1:38 PM
Author:  DD87 Number:  669552 of 876046

Well I guess I stand corrected. My comprehensive knowledge on the inner working of the Swiss has taken its hits over the years ;-) And from my understanding they're supposed to be "Neutral" anyway ;-)

But maybe benign is just a euphemism for malignant?

Because Govt,'s are far from benign. Benign Tumors just sit around taking up space and doing nothing. Malignant Tumors suck the life force right out of you.

And with our benign govt.'s newest installment in its War Against Our Civil Liberties, The Patriot Act---they're sucking the life force right out of us. You can be detained, arrested, and tortured on the mere SUSPICION of Terrorist Activity.<-----And you can't do anything about it.

Sounds pretty malignant to me....

As for God. Those who fail to believe in anything greater than themselves usually suffer the hardest falls and the harshest faces of reality.

If you believe that EVERYTHING---came from NOTHING...then GOD be with you.

In Science (which I'm gonna take a gander that you're a believer in, if not God) its most avid supporters scream "It's Empirical! You can prove this! It's fact! This is how it is! And I can PROVE it!"

You've got your atoms, your electrons, your quarks, and they all spin around in these little spheres making up matter everywhere you look. <-----Well that's great. But what about when you get past the Quark. Oh, yeah. That's right. You can't tell me. You can't prove it. I just have to take your word for it that the Quarks are there and they're doing their Biological Duty. <------So in other words what you're telling me is to have FAITH. To BELIEVE that that's how everything works.

Religion: BELIEVE that there is a God, and that he created Man and so forth. <-----FAITH.

To me, Science and Religion go hand-in-hand.

Ex. In the Book of Genesis, after seducing Eve to eat from the Forbidden Fruit, God deprived the Snake (Satan) of his feet, and cursed to him to slither around the Earth on his belly for all of time.

In Science, when you cut open a snake, there are remnants of little feet inside its body.

...I'm just sayin'.
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