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Subject:  Re: Gun Control?--How's the War on Drugs Coming? Date:  1/31/2013  2:54 PM
Author:  dlbuffy Number:  669563 of 875620

You've got your atoms, your electrons, your quarks, and they all spin around in these little spheres making up matter everywhere you look. <-----Well that's great. But what about when you get past the Quark. Oh, yeah. That's right. You can't tell me. You can't prove it. I just have to take your word for it that the Quarks are there and they're doing their Biological Duty. <------So in other words what you're telling me is to have FAITH. To BELIEVE that that's how everything works.

Well, you have just proven you don't have any idea what science is. You also have shown that you are as behind on your science information as you are on you Swiss information.

Have you heard of the Higg's Boson? Have you heard of super colliders and the way they actually TEST the existance of these particals? Have you bothered to learn the scientific process which enforces a policy of multiple proofs and peer review before ideas are accepted? And, should anything come along and disprove the current understanding, guess what...the scientific community adapts.

Example from recently:
That leaves two possibilities: either black holes in bright cluster galaxies behave differently by producing more light than we think they should, or the biggest black holes in the Universe might be astoundingly ultramassive.

This now means you have been wrong twice in this thread. I have also read that the idea of countries taking away weapons and then killing off people has been rewritten a bit to make it more of a clarion to the right. Which is no surprise, but I do not have a link to that. am a gun owner.
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