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Subject:  Re: Summary of Sales Date:  2/1/2013  4:22 PM
Author:  TMFBreakerRob Number:  17390 of 18388

Perhaps most folks know this, but here's a tiny bit of clarification. One of the columns is labelled "Truck/SUV" and the other one is "Cars". The government is involved in the definitions of what is a car and what is a truck/SUV.

In most cases, Truck/SUV not only includes pick-ups and the big SUVs, but it also includes stuff like CUVs (crossovers like the Ford Edge or Escape or Explorer) and mini-vans. Some products, like the Ford Flex, are a bit difficult to ascertain without design data and you'd have to check the EPA or NHTSA website to see how it is classified.


The point of this is to mention that Ford is the leader in pick-ups and does well with crossovers, but GM sells a lot of SUVs and crossovers that give them the edge despite lagging pick-up sales.... right now.

While I'm blabbering on, I'd mention that Toyota is clearly #1 for selling cars in the US.... it isn't even close. One third of their car volume is the Camry..... evidence that you don't need to have a ton of different products to be successful, you just need "the right stuff". And, I'd contrast Toyota with GM in that regard. Even in a post-bankruptcy environment, GM still has three car brands in the US and at least three more *additional* car brands outside the US. There is a phenomenal amount of added cost and complexity with that.

I think it's a wonderful thing.

I like it when the competition continues to do stupid things even after they've had their nose rubbed in it. ;)

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