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Subject:  Re: Don't Show This To A Baby Boomer Date:  2/2/2013  2:25 AM
Author:  khalou Number:  669813 of 876047

So I get affirmation from three different directions that it's true - so I have a high degree of confidence that more than likely it is true.

And I get a sense that your method is rather incomplete.

First of all, the holographic universe theory is all over the place. How is it that you have looked all over and not found corroborating evidence? Exactly how hard did you look?

Secondly, how could you possibly equate the word of physicists with such unscientific endeavors as near death experiences and the new testament as equally viable "directions"?

Don't get me wrong here- I admire your dedication to moving knowledge beyond the place where you found it- I try to do the same in my way- and I am happy to make the acquaintance of someone who has the courage to present something unique.

But there is an established method by which we move knowledge forward and it involves falsification and predictability. It is not about what evidence you can assemble that proves you correct. Anything can be shown to be true by the methodology of induction. It is, instead, by the methodology of falsification and the requirement that your theory be able to predict future occurrences in reality that support your ideas.

I'm going to submit a post that speaks to the idea of truth and I hope it is taken well. Look for it.

In the meantime, know that I see in you a kindred spirit that is not satisfied with the status quo and seeks to be a catalyst in the movement of knowledge beyond what is current. Such a goal is worthy of praise whether or not someone agrees with you. :)

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