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Subject:  Re: Surowiecki on Soc Sec, Medicare Date:  2/3/2013  5:49 PM
Author:  ravvt Number:  47665 of 116906

intercst whines: Bush's major policy initiatives were $4 Trillion in tax cuts which largely benefited the rich, and $3 Trillion spent on expensive and embarrassing misadventures in Iraq and Afghanistan, all funded by borrowing from China.

… once again, intercst’s Bush Derangement Syndrome comes into play as he attempts to show a problem /w the Bush tax cuts. He forgets that those tax cuts were so onerous that Urkel chose to extend them completely for 2 additional years because his Porkulus spending bill was running out of gas. The cost of that 2yr extension, which was completely funded by the Chinese and Federal Reserve money printing, added $544 Billion to the national debt.

Bush was a profligate spender …. especially in the period from 2006 – 2008 when the Democrats were in control of Congress … but Bush’s spending pales in comparison to Urkel’s.

Let’s not forget that Urkel has had 4 successive Trillion dollar deficits (so far … more to come) for an economy that came out of recession in June 2009. One or two years of that deficit spending can be blamed on the financial crisis but all of the rest of that excess spending has been a matter of choice by Urkel and the Democrats in Congress …

those choices include: extending the wars in Iraq & Afghanistan for 4 additional years, restarting and extending all of the welfare programs that Clinton had eliminated, and adding innumerable liberal hobby horse spending projects (including tax breaks for Urkel’s favorite campaign donors – the Wall Street banks, wind energy companies, retail & restaurant developers, Hollywood, coal miners, …) and finally an additional $3.4Trillion will be added to the debt because Urkel insisted on extending the Bush tax cuts to the bottom 98% of the income distribution …

So before you blame Bush for the miserable state of the economy, you might want to look carefully at the policies put in place by the Urkel & the Democrats over the past 4 yrs…
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