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Subject:  Re: Hussman, Gross & Deuteronomy Date:  2/4/2013  10:11 PM
Author:  bjchip Number:  415075 of 536934

You're going back on ignore at the end of this message.

His current piece says nothing about "communism". It says a lot about Hussman and Gross and long term risks.

This is the METAR board. Remember? "Pornography for Pessimists". He has a receptive audience as a result, but don't make the mistake of thinking that WE aren't thinking for ourselves.

YOU brought in irrelevant comment about communism.

Apparently you are not happy that Capitalism, at least as practiced these days with Fractional Reserve Fraud providing the capital, is in exactly the sort of trouble that Marx AND Minsky AND Keen expect... reasoning may vary but that expectation of Capitalism (or the USA) degenerating and becoming self-destructive is not exactly new and not limited to the field of economics. Consider how Jefferson and Franklin expected the government of the USA to evolve over time.

Now I am entirely without patience with someone who brings up irrelevancies about the poster of a message without addressing the message itself. It isn't polite and it isn't apt to make anyone think better of you or worse of him... entirely the reverse.

Which is why you ARE on ignore and he is NOT.
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