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Subject:  Re: Surowiecki on Soc Sec, Medicare Date:  2/5/2013  1:05 AM
Author:  ravvt Number:  47702 of 85882

ravvt: Since you believe that Obama's budgets are "very constrained", maybe you can explain why there has been more than a doubling of the deficits under the Obama regime (8yr projection from the Obama budget) than under Bush or Reagan? ...

goofy: Because revenues collapsed, not because spending increased.

… clearly you’re not paying attention.

The deficit number I posted for BO is an 8 yr average, i.e. it takes into account the collapsed revenues near the financial crisis but it also includes the wet dream revenue stream that a 5 & 6% growth rate would deliver. Those growth rates and the financial benefits that would flow from them were so laughable t