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Subject:  Re: Not a big deal Date:  2/5/2013  12:16 PM
Author:  TMFLomax Number:  1298 of 3863

Yeah, blesto and kahuna, agreed that I think this is taken the wrong way by a lot of people and the media. I think that yeah, he is pointing out that people are resourceful and resilient and that we have withstood many kinds of major changes over time; capitalism actually can probably be a positive actor in all this once everybody realizes the opportunities (AND acknowledges the risks).

I've often written in some of my pieces that there are investment opportunities in this, and particularly companies that are trying to make positive changes to how their business works or how they address it, or simply trying to reverse any negative impacts their businesses might make. I think too many people sit around arguing about a) whether it exists, which is absurd, we know it does and b) whether it's man-made or not, instead of actually figuring out how to adapt to the reality of it. It's frustrating because it's utterly non-productive.

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