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Subject:  Re: OT-Keystone XL Pipeline Date:  2/5/2013  1:18 PM
Author:  RaplhCramden Number:  198434 of 235799

Can someone please tell me what the optimal temperature of the planet should be, and at exactly what point in time the earth achieved this happy feat?

Indeed, there will be winners and losers. People whos range land turns in to farm land, people whos farm land turns in to desert, people whos resorts turn into marshes, people whos deserts turn in to resorts...

There will be frictional losses, net losses from having to move the resorts and the farms and so on. These will likely be pretty low since the changes even in the nightmare scenarios are very slow, so stuff gradually moves, perhaps in the case of resorts no faster than fashion would have moved them and a fair amount slower than changing politics moves them.

There may be just plain net losses: a higher amount of storm damage every year net, although I am not sure of this one. Presumably if the "temperate" zones move north the cooler temperatures in the northern temperate zones won't drive storms in the new temparate much harder than they were driven in the old temperate. Other net losses, net reduction in farmland? But I don't know any reason to believe that, that there is a net reduction rather than just a shift.

To paraphrase the old joke, "but dad, can't I keep emitting CO2 until I at least need glasses?"

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