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Subject:  Re: Iger's response to Markey Date:  2/5/2013  4:20 PM
Author:  esxokm Number:  48387 of 52114


Thanks for your reply. You bring up a good point, but I still have to respectfully disagree. Here are a couple thoughts.

In terms of doing it publicly, I think Markey was right to do that only because we as a nation deserve transparency. In fact, we complain if we don't have it. So the congressman, like many of us, are in a damned-if-we-do-or-don't position. I'd rather see the exchanges in a public forum.

In terms of the privacy issue, I honestly see that there could be a concern because we don't know what this wrist-band thing will morph into. It is voluntary, but that doesn't mean congress shouldn't protect those who volunteer for things; that wouldn't be realistic.

But, mostly, it's his tough-guy tone that makes me wonder how he would react if I as a shareholder asked a tough question of him. It makes him seem like just another arrogant CEO. Markey may have been wrong, but what if I -- or you -- questioned him about the failure of his Playdom acquisition? Would we be simply ludicrous little-people in his eyes? We probably would.

Quite frankly, I have to ask: where is the tough-guy Iger when dealing with cutting the costs of content development and dealing with theater owners who were on his back about day-and-date release? Now, I would love to see tough-guy Iger push back against theater owners who grandstand about the company's right to distribute content any way it pleases. Instead, Iger is only a tough guy with the people it's easy to be tough about -- congress. Wouldn't you love Iger telling theater owners that if they don't want Disney product in their theaters they can do what they want? Who do you think would blink first? Just think of what happened in that little fight with Target several years back.

Those were the thoughts that were going through my mind when I read the letter. But I do honestly respect your opinion.
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