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Subject:  Re: 1099s from brokerages and the newest tax law Date:  2/6/2013  7:43 AM
Author:  JeanDavid Number:  117649 of 127549

I thought all financial institutions were required to have all their 1099 forms in the mail by January 31 every year.

I had a life insurance policy in a mutual life insurance company. They typically send out a dividend each year if their claims experience is better than expected. I do not know if they got an exemption every year or not, but often I did not get a 1099-Div or 1099-Int from them until early April. Once I did not get one until after April 15. The amount of the dividend was small (policy was only for $10,000). I sometimes forgot about it and filed my tax return without it. The IRS never questioned me about it.

Since then, they demutualized it into two new corporations. One does not pay dividends and the other pays an even smaller one, and not every year. I have not gotten a 1099 from them yet, but I cannot remember if I got a dividend last year or not. Once in a while, I lose the check because it is so small, I forget to take it to the bank.

Then there is my state that should send me a 1099G each year that I get an income tax (or is it property tax (we have both) refund). But they no longer send it. I have to remember to go to their web site, remember my damned password, and get it on-line. They are too cheap to even e-mail it to me.
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