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Subject:  Back to Scouting Date:  2/6/2013  9:30 AM
Author:  Hardboiled Number:  21442 of 23709

There was a discussion about Scouting and what to do about a national policy, which I think is just plain wrong. One of my Facebook friends posted the following, and I think he said it well:

The current speculation over whether the Boy Scouts will change it's policy regarding gay scouts and gay scout leaders has caused quite a bit of discussion this week, some thoughtful, some nasty. I received a call from a scouter I do not know from . . . who proceeded to tell me that my grandfather(who was Jewish), whom he knew and who brought Scouting to ND, would be very upset. I tried to be diplomatic, but it got me to thinking about what happened in Germany in the 1930's, when the gypsies and gays and mentally disturbed and Jews were denied jobs in schools and universities, kicked out of public schools, forced to live in ghettos, and ultimately, in the "final solution", packed in box cars and sent to "camps" to be exterminated. And how in parts of this country, as recently as 50 years ago, black people were not allowed to vote, could not attend public schools or colleges, were often beaten up and sometimes killed for trying do do something as simple as have lunch at a lunch counter. And all this has been justified somehow by some passage in the Bible. I don't believe that is what was intended when the Bible was conceived and compiled. And it makes me sad to see the lessons so terribly mis-understood.
I am an Eagle Scout.

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