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Subject:  Re: Sleazy debt collectors Date:  2/6/2013  8:17 PM
Author:  Windowseat Number:  306774 of 312185


you said, I mean, Come on! What idiot would think it's believable that a coworker would be needed as a witness to something they know nothing about?

Well, Joel, think back over some of the people and comments over the years. There are many, many people in the world who don't understand how the legal system works, and who don't understand who may or may not be called as witnesses.

There are criminals who have killed police dogs because they have been told that the dog's testimony (in tracking a person by scent) would be included in the trial, and they thought that meant the dog would be put in the witness stand and would point to them. So if the dog was dead, it couldn't testify. If you talk to anyone who is involved in criminal law they will explain, in detail, just how stupid some people are.

And stupidity doesn't stop at Crimlaw. I've been watching various snippets of Judge Judy over the past couple of weeks, and there are some staggeringly stupid people bringing lawsuits. One of the best examples? A woman had a caterer for her daughter's wedding. After the wedding the daughter decided to file for an annulment. So the mother filed suit to get her money back from the caterer. After all, an annulment meant that the marriage never took place. So since the marriage didn't exist, she should get her money back. (No, I have no idea if she also sued the florist and the place where they bought the dress).

Yes, we laugh. But there is an incredible amount of stupidity out there, and I'm not surprised that co-workers thought they might be forced to testify.

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