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Subject:  Re: Obama's Secret Plan to Steal Your 401k Date:  2/7/2013  10:50 AM
Author:  cjb44 Number:  1858345 of 2016458

That's enough... it's amazing to see how gullible and incurious people can be. Just a few minutes of Googling proves the whole idea of confiscating your retirement accounts is a big fat lie.


Actually some simple googling shows some liberal economists and Think Tankers have proposed the idea, but not a single person in elected office has signed on to the idea, because as you rightly state, it's idiotic and will probably never happen.

But if Liberals can claim the Individual Mandate is a Conservative idea, even though no elected REpublicans backed it, just a position paper from a Conserative Think Tank, then well, it's the same.

Similarly, the details of the supposed plan to confiscate our 401(k)s originate, not in secret covens, but in the papers a number of academics have published over the years, seeking ways to better or reform our nation’s ind