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Subject:  Re: Strippers employees or not Date:  2/7/2013  12:56 PM
Author:  JeanDavid Number:  117674 of 127613

Hmmmm, Hadn't thought of that, but I don't know if I would get many tips, being older than dirt with too many wrinkles from too much working in the sun. Of course, not being able to dance might have an impact, too.

I talked with my friend in those days and she had many interesting stories to tell. She later owned a club, the only one with a grandfathered liquor license. All the others could server water and soft drinks only. She offered to give me free tickets to her club. I asked if there was any art involved in the dancing and she said no, the only art was how fast you could get your clothes mostly off. So I never went to see the show. I did go there once, and had an interesting conversation with the bar tender (who kept her clothes on the whole time. But the dancers were not attractive to me. I suggested to my friend that she have her bartender dance, but she said that was bad business. Dancers are a dime a dozen, but a good bartender is hard to find. The way to make good tips is to have good repartee but not so good as to make the customers appear stupid. The dancers thought most of the customers were stupid, and probably they were.

She had to quit when she was too old (about 30). She was still very sexy looking, but the problem was that the men wanted to feel more intelligent and more powerful than the girls, and by the time women approached 30, they were perceived to be too intelligent and intimidating to the men. My other friend, in New Jersey introduced me to some of her fellow dancers. Almost all of them had kids, and many of them were married. The customers did not know that.
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