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Subject:  Re: 12 things to dislike about dividend investin Date:  2/8/2013  9:25 AM
Author:  TMFMurph Number:  7810 of 11220

Hi kelbon!

Early in my "corporate wars" career, I remember my absolute amazement that the "right answer"( the one that was backed by irrefutable facts, analysis and logical strategic thought ) didn't always win/get acted upon. I was a 20-something MBA from a good school and just didn't understand. Were these people stupid? Couldn't they see the obvious answer?

Finally an older officer talked to me about "style"...and that often times a good/"right" message can get lost in the medium of how it is presented. That is a lesson that I tried to learn and pass on to those who worked with/for me for decades, and has always held me and them in good stead.

Now, a discussion board is certainly not analogous to the business world, but I continue to think that greater civility is a plus for these boards ( and our increasingly confrontational society ).

That being said, I will make no more comments about your style ( unless, of course, they violate Fool's Rules ).

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