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Subject:  Re: Obama's Secret Plan to Steal Your 401k Date:  2/8/2013  10:31 AM
Author:  JediGALT Number:  1858472 of 2207180

Bush, while better than Obama is still Establishment.

Establishment likes power.

So, while the likes of you and Obama will make excuses for tiny, innocent looking steps towards meddling with people's 401k's, I feel Bush probably, on that specific issue would be of opposite mindset.

BUT, Bush is Establishment. So in the end, I wouldn't trust him slavishly either. In a democracy the public shuold have a healthy skepticism about government. Not anarchy, just something more than slavish devotion. Leading up to Iraq war, people like me had slavish devotion, we didn't ask questions, and the result is bad.

Fast forward, which SCOTUS broke the tie to allow Obama more power over our health care? Roberts. Appointed by BUSH. Establishment wants power.

But don't worry, a slight majority of the nation is Loyalist like you. They will coddle, protect, and make excuses for the King of England and the Lobsterbacks.

Which is why it's a pleasure and privilege to see you slowly lose certain rights and privacies and liberties. I think much much more is needed and I hope one day the government will "help" you with 401k. Eventually that'll morph into special interests (Wall Street) "helping" the government to "help" you invest your 401k. Certainly the likes of Goldman and Citi will have pure intentions. Certainly they won't want the government to "help" you invest in a way that fattens their fees.

As far as my 401k...I don't have one. Nor do I invest in American stocks but for trading purposes. Investing in an entity ruled by losers, where the entity is supported by losers, is not a wise long term investment.

So I personally could care less.

It's just entertainment value, and I can't wait to see the eventual meddling with retirement accounts and possibly control or confiscation. And it'll be a pleasure to see you Liberals sitting at the kitchen table, with black eye, crying to your girlfriend about how "he did it for your own good, and that he'll change eventually".

Obama 2012
More more more. Eavesdrop on these people. Detain them without trial. Gitmo. Retirement funds. Screw with everything from their lunches to sodas to retirement accounts. They can't handle liberty, and need to have more and more taken away. Even UN peacekeepers won't save them one day.

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