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Subject:  A silly typo... Date:  2/9/2013  9:51 AM
Author:  coolnewbie Number:  306779 of 312187

Hello folks,

Here's the situation DW and I are finding ourselves in:

She scanned some forms yesterday at her workplace; forms which literally contained her life history, including SSN, DOB, Address et al. And instead of emailing it to herself, she inadvertently emailed it to the wrong email address (yeah, I groaned so loudly that all my neighbors thought I was dying!). The file wasn't password protected either and she couldn't recall the sent message.

Trying to be proactive I called all 3 credit bureau's and put a freeze on her credit file. However, my question is, since whoever received this email (we've also sent a request to this address asking them to destroy the file as it wasn't intended to be sent to them), now has every single detail of DW's life, what else can I do to prevent them from committing ID theft?

Is just calling the bureau's and putting a freeze on the credit file sufficient? I don't know if I can file a police report yet, because nothing has happened yet that we know of (and hopefully nothing will). But I just want to be proactive and see what I can do to minimize the damage.

I also considered emailing Google (the service provider) but I believe they aren't going to do anything till I get at least a court order and I'm not sure if I can get one just based on what I've stated above. Also if I do end up getting a court order and let's assume that Google does retract the message somehow, the damage is already done and what possibly can I do if the recipient has saved this attachment to his/her computer for future use?

Any suggestion/thoughts?

Thanks in advance!!
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