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Subject:  Re: 1000 Times Worse Than Watergate Date:  2/9/2013  12:38 PM
Author:  lowstudent Number:  670966 of 876037

Communism is a way of explaining man's existence and purpose devoid of any deity, especially the God of Israel. Commune-ism plots an oppressed against their oppressor and strives for freedom of the oppressed. As the name commune implies, men agree to live communally, sharing in work earnings and property. In a commune there are no individual ownership rights. All business ownership is administered from the state level. The state (government and its officials) administers the business profits to those of the commune equally. In theory, all property and work are equally shared among those in the commune. No one person in the commune has more than any of the others within the commune.

Owebama sounds like a Commie to me, albeit he has not yet finished the job of turning us into a complete Communist state.

President Obama does not sound at all like a Commie, did you not read a key tenet you included?

No one person in the commune has more than any of the others

No one believes that of Obama! No one. Obama sells communism to suckers, he is a petty tyrant. Does he believe when he is gone and someone not superior like he is there to guide everyone that communism is a good idea? Well, who friggin cares? That is what Obama sounds and act like to me.

He may be a commie , he may be the dumbest capitalist on the planet, whoever he is he is not honest, not even a little.
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