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Subject:  Re: Snowstorm Nemo: denial vs. reality Date:  2/9/2013  5:33 PM
Author:  cjb44 Number:  1858706 of 2211526

BTW, I guess you don't agree with cjb44 who thinks we get a record-setting snowstorm every year.


We don't get a record setting storm every year...we get get record setting hype. Every year it's "Snow-maggedon" or "Storm of the Century" etc etc. But in reality it's just alot of hype to bring in ratings for the Weather Channel.

Boston's snow falled ended up #11 all time. So it's not the record everyone was claiming it would be.

We do get large snow storms every year. As a kid on Long Island, I remember snow days every year from snow. I remember having to evaculate from Hurricane Gloria in 1984(maybe 85). I remember other massive storms. And freak storms happens. When massive storms become the norm instead of the exception call me.

If we have a Sandy/Nemo combination two years in arow let us know.

The sky isn't falling and Global Warming isn't the answer to every piece of weather.

Whether it's too hot, too dry, too wet, too cold, too anything the Flat Earthers always go to Global Warming as the answer. Stop going with the "in crowd". Science is about facts not consensus. One time 100% of scientists thought the Earth Flat...Consensus didn't make it fact. And if funding is only available to Global Warming Worshippers, guess where the funding goes?
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