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Subject:  Re: Snowstorm Nemo: denial vs. reality Date:  2/9/2013  6:08 PM
Author:  icono5 Number:  1858708 of 2016475

"Science is about facts not consensus. One time 100% of scientists thought the Earth Flat...Consensus didn't make it fact. And if funding is only available to Global Warming Worshippers, guess where the funding goes?"

Bah. My pointing this out will lead mostly to the usual supercilious scorn--as if that adequately confronted the problem--but oh well!

Your language reveals a fundamental misunderstanding about the processes of science. One wonders what it would take to establish a "fact" by your implicit definition. Scientists don't espouse immutable, unassailable Truths; that's left to churches and teleological perspectives--and, apparently, segments of the dogmatic right, who then complain that they can't get air time for their refusal to be open to emerging patterns of evidence.

Science, despite your protest, establishes theories based on consensus understandings of the natural/social/environmental world at