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Subject:  Re: Dick Cheney: Incompetent War Fighter Date:  2/10/2013  3:20 PM
Author:  nigelwhalmsley Number:  1858815 of 2204031

[ Rightly so. The draft dodger and the daddy's boy both turned out to be idiots in the area of military planning, strategy, and execution. What a shocker. ]

"Draft dodger? Oh, you must mean the 5 time deferment Biden." -Lurker

Nope. I meant 5 time deferment Cheney. That happened before he flunked out of college twice, and got arrested for DWI a couple of times. A four year program took Cheney 6 years. Bush has his own DWI history. Yet these are the folks you admire. Says something, you know.

Biden had asthma as a teenager, which is why he was classified not available for service. He is a teetotaler, by the way. If you know his personal history, most folks would find him to be a very admirable guy. I'd love to have him as a friend or a neighbor. Cheney? He gives me the creeps.

Bush/Cheney executed the disastrous invasion and occupation of Iraq, not Biden or Obama.
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