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Subject:  Re: Poll: OT?: Environmental Terrorism Date:  2/10/2013  5:34 PM
Author:  tim443 Number:  415538 of 535140

<<<What's with all the whining about killing Americans, are these guys enemy combatants?>>>

Thing is, some of them are civilians, not members of a foreign military. If they aren't charging a US military position with an AK in hand, offing them, without the Constitutionally required "due process of law", edges close to Stalin's disposal of people based entirely on someone's unchallenged denounciation.



The 5th amendment is clear that "due process of law" is needed in general. The exceptions are hard to interpret because the whole amendment is full of oddly placed commas. Nevertheless the SC has mostly ruled over the years that these amendments were put in place to protect the populace from the government, thus when in doubt any bending should favor the former.

The present secrecy and lack of rigorous safeguards is troubling. I think everything should be documented, procedures should be followed, and everything released to the public 10 years later. Statute of limitations for any who may have broken the law should not begin running until the documents are released. Perhaps prosecution should be in the hands of an independent agency not appointed by the President.

How exactly does one know if a member of the Taliban or al- Qaeda is civilian or military?

Er, Police kill people every day without "due process of law" you know little things like holding a pistol in a liquor store? Methinks drones are not quite up to checking passports yet?

I know, you could say you thought he looked like a Canuck!!! }};-D

I'm sure y'all will pardon me for saying you're all a bit odd and some of those comments sound absolutely ridic... er silly to an old soldier.

Any <Kill them all let the autopsy sort them out> mouse
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