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Subject:  Re: Poll: OT?: Environmental Terrorism Date:  2/10/2013  6:20 PM
Author:  desertdaveataol Number:  415541 of 539158

OT - Drones.

What's with all the whining about killing Americans, are these guys enemy combatants? If so and they are killing Americans why would they have some sort of special exemptions?

At last! Proof that the drones and Hellfire missiles are working!

I'd begun to fret that the US$68,000 cost of an anti-tank missile like the AGM-114 Hellfire was disproportionate to the effect on the terrorists who mostly ride motorcycles and ride in what we here in the states would call mini-economy cars.

I mean, as a fiscally responsible citizen I'd like to see the enemy vehicle destroyed cost at least as much as the weapon used to destroy it.

I'm glad to read that the terrorists have resorted to their legion of useful idiots via their propaganda arm. This means that the drone fired Hellfire missiles are having the desired effect i.e. reducing the terrorist population (traitor Americans included). HURRAH!

Maybe we should all write our Congressperson and ask that the name of one of the people killed on 911 be painted on the side of each Hellfire missile.

Perhaps someone on this board should look into buying stock in the companies that make the drones, drone parts Hellfires and Hellfire components.
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