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Subject:  Re: Snowstorm Nemo: denial vs. reality Date:  2/10/2013  11:02 PM
Author:  ModernViking Number:  1858886 of 2210261

The real risk, when it comes to God, will be his actions against over population. He must respond and Pandemic is the likely response (remember the black plague?)

I'm having a hard time following this conversation in the context of what God might or might not do.

Fact is, overpopulation begets the spread of disease so it's sort of a self-correcting phenomenon. That's a fairly consistent theme across most ecosystems I can think of, even bacterial colonies. We can only handle so much of ourselves before we start killing ourselves off with our own by-products.

Back to the God thing, the reason I have a hard time with that is that if He had a desire to remedy overpopulation, wouldn't it be simpler (and more humane) to have built-in controls to prevent it occurring in the first place? For instance, so I'm told, He made Woman so her body would automatically shut that whole thing down in the event of a rape. Seems a woman's rape-dar isn't too far separated in concept from an overpopulation gauge that would similarly cause a halt to naturally occurring pregnancies in the event of a resource imbalance in the biosphere. Or maybe, if you're God, it's just easier to spawn a shadow army of zombie wolves to eat the excess babies. Maybe that's where all this is headed, but just speculation on my part. When the topic turns to God, that's just all way above my pay grade.
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