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Subject:  Re: Dick Cheney: Incompetent War Fighter Date:  2/10/2013  11:12 PM
Author:  TheDope1 Number:  1858888 of 2210705

Just out of curiosity, Dope: Have you ever encountered a political argument you disagreed with that didn't feature an impeachable source (in your own mind)? Where you actually had to confront the merits of the case without resorting to some form of character assassination? Mmm . . . . Must be nice to be so thoroughly objective on every issue. Lol.

Plenty of times. Rarely on this forum, though, as too many folks have issues comprehending posts -or- making decent arguments. Left wingers always make the following posts:

1. So and so right winger is crazy, therefor lots of other righties are also crazy and thus their ideas are automatically wrong <--- Called Poisoning the Well

2. So and so who agrees with the left wing prevailing opinion said something, so whatever that was is automatically unimpeachable. Called the "Appeal to authority" logical fallacy. That's what rightime did.

3. "Why is the GOP so full of racists?" and other loaded questions.

4. Everyone knows that idea X is popular, therefore idea X is correct <-- The bandwagon fallacy

5. Any of the red herring family, which include straw men (anything that Barack Obama has ever said), two wrongs make a right ("Well, Bush did it, too!"), appeal to emotion ("I just don't understand the mindset of wanting these weapons whose sole purpose is mass murder"),the internet version of appeal to force (this is where 20 PA left wingers pile on a rightie trying to make a point), ad Hominem (virtually every response the Jedi gets, because posters always make him the issue), or the Hitler card (way more popular in the Bush years).

I could go on, but you get the idea. ID and take those arrows out of left wing quivers and they're left twanging their bowstrings, unable to come up with anything to say.
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