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Subject:  Re: Snowstorm Nemo: denial vs. reality Date:  2/10/2013  11:28 PM
Author:  putnid Number:  1858891 of 2081390

This is a x-post from the Climate Change Board:

So it came to be that New England had itself a righteous snowstorm. Yeppers, it happens. And sure as the sun rises in the east, there were those who cited the event as some sort of claim against global warming. True to form, they equated snowfall to cold temperatures and, of course, they were waaaaay off base. Sad, really.

Here's the thing: the water vapor content of the atmosphere is directly related to the temperature of the atmosphere. Simply put, the warmer the air, the more moisture it can hold and the more moisture in the atmosphere, the greater the potential precipitation (either as snow, ice or rain depending on the temperature of the air). Most of us learned that basic physics principle in grade school or high school. Here's a handy chart (and lesson plan) to help inform the woefully ill-informed: