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Subject:  Re: Stalled Out on Tesla’s Electric Highwa Date:  2/11/2013  2:20 PM
Author:  mschmit Number:  40821 of 82890

So, in this worst depression of all time, we the people, loaned Tesla $465 Million to address a non-existent problem and perpetuate the fraud of global warming

Whether you believe "global warming" exists or is even a problem if it is happening, the goal of creating a viable EV market is addressing more problems than that, such as:

1. As an alternative to oil, EVs can be powered by any number of fuel sources, in case oil sources go away (eventually), get more and more expensive, or have disruptions in supplies due to world events.

2. EVs, by design, are about 2-4x more energy efficient, as measured within the vehicle, thus cheaper to drive based on fuel costs. Of course, the battery cost, size and weight are a big problem that has to be solved.

3. Tailpipe emissions are zero, thus helping air quality in big cities. Even if you argue that the emissions are just moved around to the power plant -- that is a good thing when you look at places like LA. But power plant emissions will be lower due to less energy needed for driving and the fact that power plants run at near peak efficiency all the time as do EVs, while gas cars have to warm up (thus low mpg), have to warm up their catalytic converters, and idle a lot.

4. Diversity of fuel sources is a good thing, whether you are preparing for natural disasters or making things more difficult for terrorists, etc.

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