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Subject:  Re: Lifespan of wind farms Date:  2/11/2013  2:40 PM
Author:  mschmit Number:  40823 of 64476

Electrics- 5.51
Control Unit- 3.71
Sensors- 2.8
Hydraulics- 2.7
Yaw System- 2.5
Brakes- 2.0
Gearbox- 1.3
Generator- 1.3
Structure- 1.2
Drive Train- 1.0

As time goes on, it would not surprise me if the wind turbines improve their performance. ...
This is how engineering is done.

Some of these, once the failure rate is known are easy to fix. For example, the sensors. The cheapest solution might be to just install an alternate backup set of sensors, then only shutdown and repair when two like ones have gone out. Of course maybe the sensors can be improved, but we'd need to know why they are failing. It can be as simple as dust and dirt covers an optical sensor.

On the structural problems. Structures are very well known. But to be economical t