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Subject:  Re: Poll: OT?: Environmental Terrorism Date:  2/11/2013  4:11 PM
Author:  steve203 Number:  415622 of 479856

Ah but that was a bunch of religious nutters, those fellows can justify anything.

'course, some of those nutters had previously decamped to North America to impose their idea of religion, vs the King's imposed religion. By some accounts, Cromwell was relatively tolerant of other Protestant denominations, but virulently anti-Catholic.

See US Constitution, 1st Amendment, ban on government imposed religion.

It is also important to separate the monarchy from "political leaders",

For that matter, the US' "political leaders" of 1776 were not members of any government recognized by the Crown, but rather the heads of a traitorous terrorist rabble raising arms against their soverign. I doubt George III would have worried about any "do not kill" courtesies, and would have eagerly flattened the entire block in downtown Philadelphia to take out the likes of Franklin, Jefferson and Adams, if he had had the means.

The USians fought dirty too. Terrorized civilian royalists. Used guerilla tactics like hiding behind trees and walls and, worst of all, made a particular objective of picking off the Brit officers.

Francis Marion (