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Subject:  Re: OTish: what sort of scum shoots an elephant. Date:  2/11/2013  4:42 PM
Author:  JDCRex Number:  1859080 of 2207119

22000 years ago the earth was blanketed with glaciers .... it has been getting warmer ever since

NO ONE ON THE BLOODY PLANET is arguing that there aren't natural cycles. This hasn't eluded people who have devoted their lives to studying climate. The important point is that humankind is having a forcing effect on natural cycles. Are you so frickin' obtuse that that unbelievably simple point can't penetrate your skull? Do I need an elephant gun to do that?

Yeah - I'll listen to some random wingnut reactionary whose ideology and political self-image is more important to him than fact - rather than the masses of credentialed, respected scientists and bodies who make sense on this. Fruitcakes and zealots are MUCH more credible than, say, the Royal Society.

Yes, yes - all of you are the equivalent of Galileo - cries of verity in the wilderness of a dogmatic orthodoxy. Honestly, it's hilarious watching you delusionals kid yourselves. Some of your moronic, mouthbreathing brethren actually think the world is a few thousand years old. What the hell does that tell you?

And I fully acknowledge that we don't know fully the precise extent or the effect. So you can shove a cork in your blowhole before you start to lecture me on that.

End of my contribution. You can now go on with all your ceaseless blather and prove my point of your addiction to fantasy.
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