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Subject:  Re: What is 47X63? Date:  2/11/2013  5:48 PM
Author:  rjf53 Number:  13496 of 25358

Also ties nicely I believe into rjf53's comments....

...There’s an interesting book written by the CIA for their internal use that talks about this concept.

Now you have done it, you've gone and revealed my secret identity.

I guess now I'll need to change my Fool screen name, anyone know if 007 is taken? :<)

try to multiply any pair of two-digit numbers in one’s head, say 47 X 63. This is a task that is easy to do with a pen and paper but is tricky to do in one’s head because it’s hard to keep all the pieces of the puzzle at the forefront of one’s mind together at the same time.

A sore subject even to this day.

When I was a kid in elementary school my math teacher (a nun) threatened to fail me if I didn't show my work. Not because my answers were wrong, they weren't, but simply because I didn't show my work.

The problem was I didn't have any work to show, at least of the "carry the two" variety. There was no "work" to show, I saw the answer or at least the pieces that allowed me to get it with out that piece of paper and pen.

I saw that 100 X 63 = 6300, which made it easy to see to see that 50 x 63 = 3150.

I saw that 3 x 63 = 189, which led me to see that when I subtracted it from 3150 the answer was 2961.

It is isn't it? :<)

Point being, I felt she treated me like a cheat instead of encouraging what might be construed as a natural talent. I learned later in Junior College, that they teach tricks like this in Rapid Calc, or so I'm told, I passed out of the subject so I really don't know.

Perhaps this might help to explain why I have a hard time embracing conventional wisdom with investing as well.

Dunno, but to this day I still believe getting the right answer is all that should matter, or in investing parlance.

Just make money!

007 (formerly known as B)
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