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Subject:  Re: Sad, really... Date:  2/12/2013  12:56 PM
Author:  bjchip Number:  40837 of 82194

The really sad thing is that Larry Bell , despite his credentials, is clearly not following the science but the denialist blogosphere.

He is very very quick to connect some unrelated non-scientific events to find a conspiracy of third world nations at the UN but cannot do the same with the Koch Brothers, Exxon and CEI.

The clue to his ideological blindness is clear from the title.

Then he somehow imagines that those same 3rd world nations actually can induce scientists to falsify results on a global basis.

expressed an underlying priority very candidly: “We may get to the point where the only way of saving the world will be for industrialized civilization to collapse. Isn’t it our responsibility to bring this about?”

We are well on our way to THAT particular denouement largely because of the demented ravings of Bell and other superannuated has-been's who are now out of their depth, seeking a last gasp of glory, and of professional liars such as the CEI and Monckton.

Strong, and Wirth and others at the Rio conference didn't understand the science well enough, and likely still do not. They and others on the far left DO have an agenda, not related to the science and Strong was discussing a theoretical possibility NOT, as Bell so stupidly spins it, a "priority" (except for him), we are now at the point where it is not just a theoretical possibility but a likely outcome that is fast approaching a dead certainty.

I use the word "dead" advisedly. Dead is what we'll be when this stupidity is killing our children's children. That it is an intergenerational crime with a timeframe outside most people's capacity makes it no less a crime.

Your foolishness winds bites its own tail. The scientists aren't entrepreneurs, they haven't made any major $$$ on this. There has not been "gagillions" made by anyone, though some money has been stolen and wasted through NOT doing things correctly.

Doing it correctly is a pigovian tax on CO2 . Trying to accomplish anything useful through subsidies of cleaner technologies is far more wasteful and indirect.

Spoken briefly?

Monckton is a professional liar.

Larry Bell is a has-been ideologue.

Seitz... sadly, never really understood any of it.

EVERY Scientific organization and well more than 90% of the scientists who ACTUALLY study climate have agreed about what is happening.

Leftists attempting to seize this issue have NO influence on the scientists or the science. This is my PERSONAL experience from my work at NASA. The scientists aren't interested. They never were interested in the political side of this until the attacks from the neo-libertarian lunatic fringe started to hurt their ability to work.

Inaction is far more expensive in the long run, than action.

The science does not support Forbes. The science is telling Forbes that IT , if it remains a publication dependent on BAU, is doomed.

Note: This is not about THIS article but about another of Forbe's frantic efforts to deny reality, also penned by Bell.

You have seized on the "Capitalist vs Leftist" perspective take on this issue and reached a wrong conclusion. Capitalism IS destroying itself, helped along by the insane distortion of giving private banks the power to create money from thin air by means of the "fractional reserve" fraud that has been in place for the past hundred years or so.

...but that has nothing to do with climate change, that is just reality's well known liberal bias.
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