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Subject:  Re: Debt-to-income ratio if self-employed Date:  2/12/2013  6:25 PM
Author:  Rayvt Number:  124742 of 128866

I just like figuring out systems like this. Particularly systems that are easy to game - and due to their blatant illogic almost deserved to be gamed.

It only seems to be gaiming the system because you (we?) don't carry a balance. Most people don't pay their cards off each month, so for MOST people the instantaneous snapshot is equivalent to the running balance, credit-wise.

In essence, it is we pay-offers (is that a word?) who are gaming the system, since what we are doing is essentially using the credit card as an inverse checking account.

In my experience, credit card companies report the balance of the monthly bill. That would make sense -- they have to make that monthly snapshot they send to you, and there's no reason to create another snapshot to send to the credit bureau.

And, yes, in my experience, you can make a payment just before the billing statement and reduce the balance that gets reported. If you want to be really clever, pay *more* than your then-current balance, to cover any last-minute charges that might come in.

It all works out good -- you still get your cash-back bonus because that is computed on the charges that you make, not on the statement balance.
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