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Subject:  Re: Sad, really... Date:  2/13/2013  8:33 AM
Author:  Stonewashed Number:  40843 of 82880


You act like the snarky little pr*cks who fling out all this BS about older (smarter) pr*cks than themselves aren't playing the same game or in your case, believe themselves to be above the fray. I don't know which is worse.

You mistake yourself for someone who actually knows what is happening to the planet mate. I haven't seen many words crammed into so little reality since I read Lord of the Rings.

Oh, that made me think you are an open-minded reasonable, knowledgable type. My mistake.

BTW I ALSO went to SUNY Stony Brook for my Mechanical Degree - 1983. But got my CS Masters at NYIT and went on to NASA JPL.

Well, that's nice. Does that make you a rocket scientist? Since when do rocket scientists claim they know what is happening to the planet to the degree they claim omnipotence and the only true keepers of all things scientific.

Do YOU understand the SCIENCE of this problem? You're very fast to draw politics of every persuasion into your rants.

Do you understand the science?

Well, my degrees say I do. I would say an honest scientist would never claim to know what exactly is happening to the planet, nor would they deny there are "political considerations" in what they decide to research and who they are doing the research for.

Your actual arguments are about politics. Chief among them a tacit assertion about scientists altering the data (for either money or politics). You palmed that card well, but you can't logically reach some of the conclusions you did without it. It is untrue. Moreover, it is seriously difficult to even imagine...

Substitute the word "selecting" what suits their purpose, with altering, while guising it in the jargon of statistics, coupled with a god complex, and I'd say you have pretty much summed it up.

You snits really do need to be taken down a notch. It is kind of fun watching you canniblize each other from the sidelines.
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