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Subject:  Re: California vs Texas Date:  2/13/2013  4:11 PM
Author:  Goofyhoofy Number:  671435 of 876054

1. the last five years Texas has gained 400,000 new jobs while California has lost 640,000. The Lone Star State’s rate of job growth was 33 percent higher than California’s last year, even as the Golden State finally pulled out of the recession.

Texas has produced government jobs at twice the national average.

Federal government jobs: up 7%. Nationally? 4.3%.

State government jobs? Up 8%. Nationally? Down 0.1%.

Local government jobs: Up 6.1%. Nationally? Down 1.7%.

Certainly Texas has done better than some other areas in private sector jobs, but then Texas didn't have the housing bust that California, Nevada and Florida did. Why is that? Oops, Texas has stringent banking regulation, enforced by those dastardly banking regulation enforcers in government.

Maybe there's a little something there for you to chew on?

So to figure out why the Texas economy has outperformed the nation's, I analyzed data from the government's Bureau of Labor Statistics to determine what kinds of jobs have been created and destroyed in Texas since the beginning of 2008. Then I compared that to national data. (BLS's statewide data only go through the end of 2010, so I used national data for the same timeframe.) The numbers confirm that the job picture in Texas is much brighter than elsewhere. But they also show that Texas has benefited disproportionally from growth at all levels of government. Here's a detailed breakdown:
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