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Subject:  Re: Union's Job To Encourage Unrest, Discontent Date:  2/14/2013  9:01 PM
Author:  BGinNJ Number:  671592 of 876393

<And yes, I would make a stink, but it isn't worth it. The teacher is fond of my son and I am sure he would pay a price of some type if I were to voice my opinion>

Well you have to weigh that with the price he will pay by you NOT making a stink.

A childs mind is always impressionable. The impressions that enter those minds can be positive or negative. It is not easy getting exactly the right mix of teaching them how to think for themselves, who to trust and who not to trust. The methods may vary depending on the exact age of the child.

If a trusted person like a teacher uses that trust to fill their heads with a lot of propaganda, well your job will be made infinately more difficult. I have heard enough accounts from parents whose child came home very upset because of what they were told by a teacher. Some have been told that all the polar bears were going to die from global warming or that someones mommie or daddy was bad because they worked in the oil industry. There are a whole host of good things that a teacher can fill a childs mind with. Many teachers do that. Unfortunately, many do not. The education of ones child should not become a running battle with a teacher. Yet I don't believe one should throw in the towel so quickly to keep the peace. The objectionable assignment you talked about is only what you are seeing directly. There can be a lot more going on every day that you do not see.

Ultimately, it is your call about whether to push back or if you do, just how much to push back. I'm sure others here could share some of their personal experiences with you. I don't believe one should fight every battle to the the end. It will wear you out. Yet keeping totally quiet can create the impression that you agree with all that is being fed to your child.

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