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Subject:  Re: Worth reading again and again Date:  2/14/2013  9:34 PM
Author:  BGinNJ Number:  671595 of 876046

<America has a debt problem and a failure of leadership. Americans deserve better.">

What are the odds that one will see a video of this on ANY mainstream network news program at any time while our debt remains an issue? Does the phrase slim or none sound like it would fit?

This is what galls me. One can be on either side of a particular argument. Robust debate is healthy when all the points and couterpoints are put on the table. However, there should be some consistancy to the process. If $5-6 Trillion in debt was a sign of failure in 2006, how can $17 Trillion going on $20 in 2013 be a sign of success? The answer is It can't.

If drones were evil when Bush was using that strategy, how can a more than 100% increase in the use of them be a good thing when the new guy is doing it? Personally, this is one area where I give Obama credit. I have absolutely no problem using drones in whatever way needed by those whose job is to defend us. But I have remained consistant as I supported the same strategy when Bush used it too.

I could go on and on across many different important issues. How about the oft repeated line when Obamacare was being created "you will be able to keep your same coverage". Of course, the rules (unknown at the time as in "we have to pass it so we can find out whats inside") have become so onerous that even the CBO estimates that a minimum of 7 million people (plus millions more if you include their dependents) will lose their coverage as their employers opt to no longer provide it. Even medicare gets sold as you will be able to stay with your current doctor (offset by the fine print of "if they continue to accept medicare patients"). The fact that many doctors are not accepting any new or old medicare patients at all was an obvious trend anyone could see coming. Yet we were sold a bag of goods. And the media could so easily point out the crystal clear hypocracies about what was said then and what is true now. Yet they refuse to do so for some obscure reason.

Yes, America does deserve better in so many ways.

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