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Subject:  Re: where old race horses go Date:  2/15/2013  9:52 AM
Author:  Art53 Number:  671618 of 876054

"if you read my post I said I had to focus my mind on nutrition rather than the horrors of what I had seen and read about in inhumane treatment of farm animals. I did this a long time ago art....<snip>... goodness knows what's in our food supply what with a lot of products coming from countries with questionable practices and as reported in todays paper in our drinking water....they reported hormones and drug residues coming from humans pee and excrement going through sewer systems and the water treatment plants don't filter out this stuff. We are all just one big science experiment. My father used to get steak ground up for hamburger at the grocery store when I was growing up. I hated it because I would always get a piece of gristle or bone and I would heave it up.....ugh! I got funny about it. Don't like eating packaged chicken salad for same reason..gristle just makes me heave." - luckydog

I'm just not that picky. I'm amazed at all the food choices we have. It's unbelievable. Imagine how our ancestors lived? They only ate what was in season and what they could barely afford? My FIL said there were times when he was a boy when all they had was like turnips and beans that they grew. One thanksgiving all they had were turnips. That was it! In the springtime he was so thankful when the baby chickens got big enough to start eating them.

I like gristly meat by the way. I like the rib end cut pork cops with all the fat and gristle. They are juicy and delicious! Yum! My favorite!

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