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Subject:  Re: X Post: Taibbi: Gangster Banksters - TBTJ Date:  2/15/2013  12:26 PM
Author:  steve203 Number:  415924 of 535083

SOP in the US.

For those who do not live in metro Detroit, we have been entertained for several years now with a string of politicians in the dock on corruption charges. After serving prison time on state charges, former Mayor Kilpatrick, and several cronies, are now facing Federal racketeering charges. The trial goes to the jury today.

The local media pointed out yesterday that, while legions of pols were on trial for taking bribes, no one was on trial for paying the bribes.

One of the previous cases involved bribes paid to local officials by Synagro to haul away sludge from the city sewage treatment facilities. The local Synagro executive pled guilty to paying a few hundred thousand dollars in bribes to Detroit officials and served 11 months in the jug. But the higher ups at Synagro, and it's parent company, Carlyle Group? Nope. No charges. Guess the local guy who pled guilty was just a "rogue employee" who must have filched the $200,000 out of the paperclip money, without the knowledge or consent of any higher ups.

Carlyle and Synagro escape charges

Before his bribery trial early this year, political consultant Sam Riddle asked Detroit’s FBI chief, “Andrew Arena, if you’re so damn bad, why don’t you go after the Carlyle-Synagro group? You can convict underlings like [Synagro executive] James Rosendall or [Synagro consultant] Rayford Jackson. They’re nothing. Deal with people on the board, like the Bxxx family, and then see where you get.”

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