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Subject:  Re: College prof censorship Date:  2/15/2013  3:39 PM
Author:  MetalDecathlete Number:  671682 of 876074

College students are adults and entitled to make their own decisions.

Partially. But a parent also has a HUGE say in it if they are paying for their kid to go to college. He better be learning the following:

- the truth and not liberal propaganda
- True history and not historical revisionism like the liberals are so keen on.
- skills that will serve them well in the future whether it be career, artistic, musical or educational.

If the kid has a problem with it, then he/she can foot the bill themselves.

There is no right to a parental paid college education and there damn sure no law that says a parent has to fork over $ for an education steeped in left-wing nonsense.

As a parent, I have that power, I rule, I'm the 500 lb. gorilla and I know it just irks liberals to no end that parents like me take the education of my children seriously.

Personally, I would consider it a colossal failure if I spent 40k to send my kid to school and he came back either an atheist or a liberal.

I never had that problem though. I had others with my children, but all 3 are still Christian and conservative. DW and trained them up that way and they knew by they time they were 10 that liberal ideology was false, dangerous and the cause of most of society's downfall.

MetalDecathlete (who used all 3 forms of education for his kids: home, private and public. Home being far superior in every category to the other 2).
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