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Subject:  Re: College prof censorship Date:  2/15/2013  3:39 PM
Author:  MetalDecathlete Number:  671682 of 794852

College students are adults and entitled to make their own decisions.

Partially. But a parent also has a HUGE say in it if they are paying for their kid to go to college. He better be learning the following:

- the truth and not liberal propaganda
- True history and not historical revisionism like the liberals are so keen on.
- skills that will serve them well in the future whether it be career, artistic, musical or educational.

If the kid has a problem with it, then he/she can foot the bill themselves.

There is no right to a parental paid college education and there damn sure no law that says a parent has to fork over $ for an education steeped in left-wing nonsense.

As a parent, I have that power, I rule, I'm the 500 lb. go