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Subject:  Re: Harrison Ford Signed? Date:  2/15/2013  11:28 PM
Author:  esxokm Number:  48422 of 52142

I definitely think Ford, as well as Hamil and Fisher, will be back in the new films, perhaps -- actually, make that most likely -- on a limited basis throughout whatever plot is generated. I hope they infuse the acting tones they utilized for the first two films. I found the "Jedi" film to feature a more stiff, reverent kind of acting engine that was found in the later prequels (and the creative quotient of the prequels wasn't too high, as most agree).

What I truly wish we knew was how much he is getting for the role (assuming he is actually cast). Will he have profit participation? Actually, that last one is obvious -- if he is cast, he will get it. I'd also love to know Abrams's deal.

But I think we as shareholders are entitled to this information. It might not bring down compensation -- although it might help to keep it in check somewhat -- but it would help us better model the value of a given project. Budget, marketing expenses, talent compensation, all of it should be exposed. There's no difference between reporting a CEOs package of compensation and the value of a movie budget cum details. For that matter, TV programming costs should likewise be offered up in exhaustive detail for perusal and analysis.

One note to make is that I believe Lucas kept the cost of the originals at something like $120 million per film. I think, in the interest of risk management, Disney must adhere to that number (I've read some articles that suggest the fact that Lucas owned ILM created an economy of scale). I also seem to recall that Lucas said in an interview the movies must come in at no more than around $120 million, otherwise it wouldn't work (whatever that meant, if I got his words right). Frankly, it's comforting to know that the prequels grossed a lot of money and sold a lot of merchandise even though they are despised.
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