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Subject:  Re: College prof censorship Date:  2/17/2013  9:49 AM
Author:  lowstudent Number:  671910 of 794526

Liberals like to pretend this is true. They look a statistic like 60% of Republicans believe God created the Earth and that only 40% of Democrats believe that God created the Earth and assume that this means Democrats are more science based.

It is far more than that Jim. They take a number like the above and create an entire army of strawmen to battle with

Each person that believes God created the Earth agrees with the outermost fringe of some religious lunatic

These people then all want to force the children of others to learn that the Earth was created by a Turtle chasing a Hare or some other lib fantasy of how dumb their opponents are.

The amount of strawmen they can make from any given statment is awe inspiring and each of those is beyond dispute true, It can be proven some expert somewhere can attest to it.

IT is such a bizarre way to form one's beliefs. I can never really figure how someone can uses little bits of information to create this impenetrable world view and group all that disagree with you.

Then after doin