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Subject:  Re: Elder suicides rising in Korea Date:  2/17/2013  10:21 AM
Author:  telegraph Number:  47942 of 117005

"Another sad story on this cold morning. Is this what the GOP has in store for us?"

More like what the liberal progressive dems have in store for them and us.

1) The US SS and Medicare systems, by Obama's own government agencies, are 'unsustainable'. That means they will fail. Leaving tens of millions with greatly chopped or no income within a generation

2) So what do you propose? big massive taxes in Korea to take from the workers to give to the 'elderly'? Or maybe just confiscate each month from the 'children' of the elderly, via attachment of the salary, ie, garnishment, enough to support THEIR parents? or just tax everyone to support others relatives?

3) Yes, transitions hurt..>I"m sure the new generation of progressive liberal basement dwelling OWS types that we saw in the last election cycle aren't going to be able to support their parents, either by paying taxes (if you don't work you don't pay taxes)......or by sending them support money each month. The 'money fairy' is supposed to shower down money on them as they sit around stoned in their parents basements, collecting welfare, SS disability and food stamps, and on their parents as well when they retire.


On the other hand, a well planned retirement here using IRAs and 401Ks can afford those who are RESPONSIBLE a good retirement. If you plan on having SS in 20 years, you are nutso. It isn't going to be there for most folks. You'd better be saving on your own. in 20 years, the retirement age will have to be up at 68 or higher...and you'll get less money.

Oh...I got it...Korea should massively raise taxes...take away from their defense budget (joke joke - we still have 30,000 troops there and spend billions on THEIR defense)......

or you can watch Greece...where the entire social fabric is falling apart, public 'pensions' are headed to near zero, the elderly have no medical care as the entire hospital system is now 'cash only'....and same for most docs.......... we'll be there by 2020 with our Obama debt levels.....

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