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Subject:  Re: Elder suicides rising in Korea Date:  2/17/2013  11:27 AM
Author:  telegraph Number:  47944 of 116388

alstro;"People making median or less income, especially when accompanied by some sort of tragedy, are likely to be unable to save enough for a good retirement."

So, who 'promised them' a 'good retirement'? Life is not always fair. Why should 'everyone else' have to always subsidize 1/4 of the population? And of course, half the people make median or less income, right? So .....what, we force the other half to give up their savings and assets to fund the other half? Is that what you are saying?


alstro:" Family member with serious medical/mental/emotional problems, below-average IQ or personality that prevents a good education or good skills acquisition and therefore good job, automation/off-shoring causing long-term unemployment at a critical juncture (like in one's 50s), making the mistake of buying a house or significant investments near the peak of a bubble, perhaps a personality that doesn't look toward the future and assumes that God or fate will provide."

Wow...that's a heck of a sentence...let's take it phrase by phrase...

'Below average IQ' a liberal progressive weenie rant. Half the people in the country have a 'below average' IQ. Duh!...math challenged!...that is what average IQ is.....the 'middle'. ....

Success has little to do with IQ. Just look at your Hollywood stars and professional athletes who can barely put a sentence together yet make 200 million for a contract, or 20 million per movie. There are tons of 'millionaires' with below average IQ....


astro: That prevents a good education or good skills acquisition and therefore good job,

Wow...another progressive rant. Sorry, there are loads of folks in carpentry, cabinet making, welding, oil field work, mining, plumbing, heating and a/c, swimming pool construction and you name it.....that don't have IQ, but have managed to get job skills...maybe through years in the service...maybe through community college courses. Duh!.....

Half the businesses in this country are run by 'lower than average IQ' folks. Right?


alstro:" Or as SP likes to point out, a financially devastating divorce."

Can wisely...


alstro:"I've known people who seemed well on the path of a secure retirement, when their efforts were sabotaged by long-term unemployment, abandonment by a spouse, theft of their savings by an unscrupulous investment advisor, long-term employer went under, taking their pension/retirement health care with it, victim of state government cut-backs just at a time when other employers have closed their doors."

Nearly everyone is backed up by the government with the pension guarantee board...... you might not get more than $55,000 a year in pension...but how many get a pension that big to start with?

Yeah...your health care in 'early retirement' can go away....or even after 65. So? Few get that benefit..... I didn't.

Everyone gets SS Medicare at 65 or if they worked 10 years in their lives...


alstro:"Would you be in such good shape if, instead of a significant inheritance, you needed to support elderly parents?"

Fortunately my parents were of a generation (born 1916/17) where they experienced the real Great Depression...and started work in 1932/33. They lived through the 10 years of FDRs horrible depression and failed policies that prolonged it.

I didn't get a 'significant' was less than 5% incease in my net worth....after my mom spent 10 half the time in MY house in TX......

fortunately, my dad got a good pension, earned enough to collect a nice SS benefit, was wise enough to take the pension so my mom had a good survivor benefit (less per month), and mom was self sufficient.

- - - -

alstro:"So did their cashing out my father's paid-up whole life insurance policy to help pay for my brother's dental school. You aren't a parent and don't know the lengths parents will go to help ensure good lives for their children."

Hopefully your brother more than compensated them for your brothers years in dental school.....right? and he had a life insurance policy to pay them back if he accidentally died before he did? parents put me and sis through private college education.....that wasn't cheap....even in the went back
to work to pay for it.


alstro:"One of my daughter's 30something friends has a long-term unemployed mother that she supports on her paralegal salary (she would prefer to continue doing non-pfofit work, but just can;t support her mother that way)." progressive should be free to do 'non paying jobs' and the taxpayers ought to compensate them the Obama's whining about taking low paying jobs instead of high paying jobs after college....he as a community organizer making near minimum wage...then screaming about having to pay back their student loan debts on miminum wage salaries when they could have been making 100K a year as lawyers. right!...

sorry, that 20 something or other just better get a decent paying job and pay her obligation to support her mom, instead of insisting that 'someone else' should do it for her!!!!!


alstro:" When she saved enough to buy an apartment in one of the outer boroughs of NYC, it had to be a 2BR so her mother wouldn't be homeless or living in public housing." she could pay for her mothers living up a downpayment on a likely couple hundred thousand apartment, but , horrors , not in ultra expensive Manhattan!......and you whine about 'the outer boroughs of NYC'. she had to ride the subway another 7 tops. Oh, the horror of it!....


alstro:"Not everyone's life runs smoothly. "

There are no guarantees in life. Then again, the government shouldn't be in the business of supporting 'below average IQ' folks (half the population) or those who blow their money on drugs or vacations or $200/month iPhone bills and then complain they don't have enough money.

YOu live in a progressive fantasy world where the money fairy showers all with wealth.

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